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Brain Training that makes a difference!  


Durango, Colorado 

Serving the 4 Corner's Region

MindPeace Neurofeedback



Upgrade your brain by training with NeurOptimal



Overtime, you learn to respond to stress in particular ways.  Eventually those ways become "wired."  While training your brain, the NeurOptimal system interrupts the brain in various states, including negative responses to stress, and brings it back to the present moment.  In time, the brain begins to rewire itself in a more effective way.  This new way becomes your new self.  Here are some clients comments on their experiences:


"My mood swings are much gentler now."

"I rarely get tension headaches now."

"I don't get thrown off by things that used to get to me."

"My panic attacks have completely disappeared."

" I start to get angry, but now I can stop and think about what's going on."

"I can sit and focus on what the teacher is actually saying after NeurOptimal."

"My husband and I started the same old familiar fight. This time it was over in 5 minutes instead of an hour."



NeurOptimal is considered by many to be the most highly evolved form of neurofeedback available today.  It is a safe and effective system that trains the brain by giving feedback directly to your brain system, allowing it to regulate itself more efficiently.  It is a 100% non-invasive and a drug-free  system that allows your entire central nervous system   to reach it's optimum state of performance. 



People using neurofeedback have experienced relief from a vast array of symptoms that include:


       -difficulty with focus

       -anxiety about past or future events

       -learning challenges

       -sleep disturbances

       -feeling easily overwhelmed 
       -lower problem solving capacity
       -memory challenges
       -"chemo brain"
       -performance anxiety


People often notice after training sessions an improvement in quality of sleep, physical and mental performance, an expanded state of well being and more resiliency to stress.  The FDA has approved neurofeedback for relaxation training.  The American Pediatric Academy lists neurofeedback as Best Support/Level 1 treatment for children with ADHD. 



​Testimonials from NeurOptimal Clients

Family Benefits

“My family (children aged 6, 9 and 11 and their parents) attended the NeurOptimal®  “gym for the brain” over the course of summer 2011. We experienced this as a gentle yet profound transformation. The emotional tone of our family has changed for the better: since the parents are able to be more relaxed (yet on top of things more of the time), the children intuitively respond in a positive way.

In turn, because the children are more compliant (and joyful), it reinforces the parents’ confidence in their role and the hope that “things are going to be OK”.  A kind of ‘virtuous circle’.  Husband and wife are able to rediscover themselves and each other. Stressful situations do happen, but we get out of the frustration zone much quicker. A child with social and attention issues is now able to peacefully focus on homework and deal better with the stresses of daily life.

While I used to excessively worry about a number of things, parasite thoughts have now disappeared. As I see it, neurofeedback with NeurOptimal® opened the gates of personal transformation, releasing the positive energy that had accumulated over years of trying to bring about change in my life.”

V.R. 37 year-old male, Montreal

Seizure Support

Marco developed seizures when he was 13 – he is now 25.  They were bad.  Not long after,   I took him to do neurofeedback using a traditional system and qEEG. (Not NeurOptimal). For 15 months Marco did not have any seizures because the neurofeedback was keeping his delta waves down. However, he started developing side effects – tics, tardive dyskinesia, muscle spasms etc. so we stopped.  I felt that there was a huge margin of human error involved with the determining of the protocol for the neurofeedback which is essentially unavoidable. This was a major factor in my decision to buy a NeurOptimal system, knowing that it is fully automated and does not require a human to make any decisions on behalf of the brain. I’m so glad I did!  We did an EEG this year and his EEG was clear of any seizure activity, so his Neurologist has been reducing his seizure medication. I attribute this normal EEG to NeurOptimal.  My son’s neurologist confirmed that a person may be asymptomatic of seizures , but their EEG can still show seizure activity in the brain; so it was very amazing that my son did not show any seizure activity on his EEG considering his long history of intense and continuous seizure activity.

T.B., Boca Raton, Florida

Professional Athlete

“I have been competing as a professional CrossFit athlete for 5 years and was a Division 1 Collegiate Rower. I have always struggled with anxiety which would hinder my social life, training, productivity and confidence. After learning about NeurOptimal, I was excited to try something that may help me become more focused in life and competition. Thus far, I have noticed increases in my productivity and focus. I have been more organized and still get my training done compared to the past when my anxiety would stop my training. During this recent stressful competition time, my anxiety has been up and down – understandably. I know that learning how to deal with anxiety is a process and cannot be fixed in one session. I am hoping to follow through with NeurOptimal training and have learned the importance of training the mind.”


My son was on 4 different medications before starting NeurOptimal.  He is now off all of them.  JH., USA 
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